Peerless® Toasted Bourbon Batch 1


Peerless® Toasted Bourbon is aged in two separate oak barrels.

  • It is initially aged in our standard, char level three, barrel. This process develops the desired flavor profiles of caramel, brown sugar, and toffee.
  • The already barrel-aged whiskey is then placed in a toasted barrel to finish. The toasted barrel adds more complexity with honey, vanilla, toasted spices, and chocolate. The unique aging process allows for an elevated nose and palate.

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Notes of peanut brittle and sweet florals such as geranium and lavender invigorate the senses as dark fruits cascade across the nose.

The palate begins with toffee and fresh herbs of basil and lemon balm. The taste builds with the introduction of cocoa powder and the natural earth tones of raw honey.

The experience concludes with the sensation of smoldering oak and a cola syrup. Cheers!

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